Why pay attention to home office optimization?

We always hear that, in the future, ways of work will be different. We will do it all remotely. Home office will be something ordinary on a daily basis. But the “future” has arrived before we could imagine.

In 2020 people and corporations had to adapt to a scenario that, until then, was unworkable for several services.  The full throttle of this process shows that remote work is a reality and can works fine for several activities and industries.

According to International Labour Organization (ILO) and Eurfound surveys, before pandemic, percentage of employees working out of company facilities varied from 2 to 40% depending on the development rate of each country. 

The report “Working anytime, anywhere: The effects on the World of Work”, released in 2017, mentions that remote work generates a positive impact on corporations and improves quality of life for workers. Furthermore, it contributes do develop of a well being culture for all employees, keeping them involved.

Leaders keeping eyes on strategies

As those changes are unavoidable, leaders of small and big corporations have to trace strategies to improve team integrity for a long term, in order to consolidate this new working environment.

Using suitable softwares and apps, companies that adopted remote work can even achieve better results through team integration and collaboration.

enDok came to improve remote interaction with customers as documents (proposals, flyers, …) created on enDok are sent as links. The performance is measurable once the docs are traceable.

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