How to structure an assertive business proposal ?

It’s not trivia to structure a creative business proposal that brings positive results. It needs to go beyond the benefits of your products and services. The proposal has to clearly emerge the values of your company that match the potential customer thinking.

So, what is the best way to build it? Scope, delivery time, prices and conditions are really important. But, additionally, the proposal must embrace the customer in a straight and creative form.

This post will give you some tips to achieve it.

What is a business proposal

The business proposal is delivered at one of the last stages of the negotiation process. It must contain all details discussed on previous stages. This document must be your trick to prove to the customer that your products/services are all  they need.

It is important to include information such as post sales policy, product and service details, methodology, company statements, and any other specific issues of you business. It is usual to adopt templates for proposals, but keep in mind that is a good idea to make each proposal unique.

Remember that the customization of the document is a must to mold it for each situation. Reflect the circumstances and the preferences of your customer.

Let’s do it


  1. Study your customer: check their website, cross information. Search who is interested on your product. Study the history and behavior of those people.  This will drive you to build a 100% custom made document.
  2. Define the document shape: do not limit your proposal to a text document. Be creative! Attention to the details. You can use video, slides, photos, and even a video message to your customer at the cover.  At enDok you have access to full proposal templates and a library of blocks (sections for your docs) to make it powerful.
  3. Plan the content:  the proposal must be very well written and organized. Calm down, create a simple checklist with all you need and do it. Don’t forget to work out the text info. 

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