5 graphic trends to use on your smart documents

You probably heard that the first impression is the last impression. So, that’s a good reason to introduce your online documents in a creative shape.

Here you will find five trends of the graphic design world that might be useful on business proposals.

  • Parallax effect: the parallax scrolling is a technique very used in web design. It consists of a slow shift of a background image when you apply a quick scroll at the document. It results in a 3D sensation. But remember to use it occasionally only.  Some people are more sensitive to such effects and can even feel vertigo!
  • Simplified data visualization: Always prefer to put the main data in evidence!  This gives your customer a quick “view mode” and makes communication more efficient.
  • Horizontal scrolling: This feature is gaining more fans on the designers club. It’s not only a different way of showing data. Horizontal scrolling allows you to split primary and complementary info in a more interactive way. 
  • Icons and Illustrations: Those graphic elements are a major trend on companies to create a unique and creative message. They take up less space in the tables and are much more creative than generic photos.
  • Dark Mode: It’s a good idea to use dark mode on long presentations. It offers a visual relaxation for the audience and it turns graphic elements more clear.


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