Why track proposals on-line?

When we talk about tracking proposals on-line, we are directly dealing with achieving better results and productivity within negotiations. After all, it is part of the daily routine of those who deal with commercial documents, making adjustments to proposals, managing the sales funnel, and your conversion steps until approval is reached.

In this text, we discuss three positive points  on tracking your documents on-line and how this practice makes all the difference in sales results.


Improved results and productivity:

For a company to have results it is necessary that it seeks strategies based on data analysis, always focusing on process improvements. Tracking proposals allows accessing information that speeds up the commercial stages, such as the time spent per document session, so we have a sense of which subject or theme aroused the most interest and were able to prepare a more assertive follow-up. The user’s location is data that helps us to understand when there are other decision makers in the negotiation or if the document is being forwarded to other locations.

And device types, mobile or desktop, allow us to fine-tune documents and their content for the best possible reading experience. So you optimize the presentation for the device most used by your customer, focus on the scanned and fast reading that occurs on mobile, for example, or even choose to change to a more specific format that meets the reality of your reader.


Security and confiability: 

Document tracking is also extremely secure and confiable. Through a simple registration of contacts, it is possible to define who will be able to access or update the information in the file, in addition to ensuring the information with the creation of four-digit passwords, as we use in enDok to send those interested in that DOC.

Reliability refers to the “nomination” of those involved in a gien creation process, which can define who the people are and the levels of access to the document, such as the reader/consumer and the editor/creation partner.

Optimization of time in activities and process:

With data available quickly, in a single dashboard, we optimize time in the routine activities of a commercial environment. The creation of templates according to the processes helps to reduce the time spent on creation and also allows categorizing proposals for each type of service, contract drafts, contract implementations and other commercial support documents that, when managed on a single platform, are strategic to further accelerate negotiation and sale processes.


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