5 Proposals That Broke The Internet: The Boldest Ideas On The Web

Everyone has had that feeling of “Oh my God, I could have created this!”, after seeing an innovative business project, right? This is very common! Especially when it comes to an age where you can do everything with the right tools on the internet. 
So in this text we are going to present you 5 online business proposals that simply broke the web.
  1. Maio Marketing

    “Maio Marketing” is a Brazilian marketing technology and services company that developed a platform that integrates online and offline customer journey data in real time.
    They use Artificial Intelligence, more specifically the CDP (Customer Data Platform) technology, which uses algorithms to map the right moments of a critical customer decision, which can be a purchase on the website, contract renewal or cancellation, all individually.
    Thus, it is possible to clearly understand the key moments of your customer’s journey, being able to create assertive campaigns with greater chances of conversion into sales.
  2. Epsilon-conversant

    Epsilon-conversant is a Texan automation company that was recently acquired by the French group Publicis. Their objective is to manage the integration of company and customer, eliminating unnecessary steps from the purchase process, always focusing on building more humanized relationships. 
    They make use of technological combinations with algorithms, creating interactive ads, which reduces the number of hours invested in campaign development by up to 400%.
    Claudflare aims to create products that improve not only the security, but also the performance of websites. In this project, the company’s team carries out biweekly experiments, in which employees test and give their opinion on new ideas, evaluating and discussing whether they should gain more investment and market space.
    Fotop aims to help people record important moments in their lives. There, the photographer is able to distribute their event photos directly to the clients who were photographed, and through facial recognition they can locate themselves in the photos in which they appear, more quickly and efficiently.
    EnDok aims to help companies create assertive and personalized proposals. In the application, you have access to whether your client has already opened the document, how much time he spent in it and which pages remained the longest. 
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