5 Reasons Why You Should Use enDok to Create Documents Online

At endok you have several possibilities for customizing and tracking your documents online, in addition to making them shareable with your team and making your home office even more productive. 
In this text you will find five reasons to use enDok when creating your proposals.
1. Customizable smart documents: 
At enDok, your Smart DOC’s have several predefined templates to be customized and used in the way you prefer in your proposal. That way you can get out of the ordinary and surprise your customers with a visually pleasing and unique presentation.
2. Sharing with the team:
Document sharing is essential for home office times, ensuring a team that is engaged and active in their tasks. With document sharing everyone can make their contributions in an organized and remote way.
3. Traceable proposals:
We know that the possibility of tracking proposals greatly speeds up the negotiation process. That’s why at enDok you have access to your smart DOC data in a single panel, being able to know if it was opened, how much time was spent in each session and even the opening location.
4. Various possibilities for inserting attachments in the DOC:
You can also add different types of attachments to your presentations, such as photos and videos. Making them more interactive and detailed, and more visually appealing.
5. Free trial:
EnDok also offers a 14-day free trial for you to take advantage of all the functions of a working smart DOC platform. Try it now!

Join us and create smart docs with enDok