How closing more deals and impressing clients with a good presentation

A good visual presentation is an essential support when presenting your product or service to a customer. However, it is a resource that needs to be well designed and worked intelligently, so that its objective is achieved correctly. 

In this text we are going to present to you three tips to make a presentation with visual support correctly.


1. Choose the best visual presentation format: 

Choosing a visual presentation format is more important than it looks. At this point you need to score the pros and cons of each of the options and choose the one that will have the most impact, but at the same time it is related to your type of business. 

It is important to remember that, according to Amy Balliett, from Killer Infographics, science attests that a visual stimulus reaches the brain 60 thousand times faster than one in text. Furthermore, 90% of the information we retain is visual.


2. Be objective in your visual presentation:

A beautiful presentation is just one of the steps to win over the customer. You need to show objective arguments demonstrating the true functionality of your product or service for that company. 

Show data, numbers and put them in your presentation to be clear, what are its main features, planning and differentials in relation to others that are available in the market. Tell how the item can be useful in everyday life, citing examples. Show that you have a deep understanding of your customer’s needs and conflicts.


3. Know how to use your visuals:

Visuals are very important for any type of presentation, but know them properly and sensibly, or you risk not making a very good impression during the proposal meeting. 

Remember that those images should serve as a visual support for what is being presented. The focus should be on you and it can’t seem like without that material you can’t manage on your own. 


So know how to use your visuals and use them responsibly.

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