Blog How to Make a Document Online for Free in 5 Minutes

EnDok provides you with 14 free days for you to fully test the platform. So you can quickly and easily create your Smart DOC’s and share them with your customers.
But if you have doubts about how to produce an attractive layout for your projects, just use the pre-designed documents that are available on the platform, allowing you to create any type of presentation online.
A portfolio is a selection of the best materials and works developed by a professional or company. He must demonstrate all the skills and competences of the people involved and can attract customers or close deals, demonstrating the final product in a practical way. 
When you choose to create a digital portfolio, you have some advantages, such as: ease of sharing, low or no cost, and fast production. At enDok you can create your own portfolio with our pre-designed templates quickly, easily and for free.
2. Proposal:
The presentation of the commercial proposal is an important moment when you are trying to gain a customer. This document is a summary of the services and products provided by your company, containing all the technical information and how you intend to deliver your services.
Thinking about the layout before drafting your proposal is interesting, so you can give a more professional look to the document, which will certainly attract more attention from your client. For this reason, enDok provides several pre-designed proposal templates for you to customize.
3. Report: 
A commercial report is intended to bring important information to carry out analysis of real situations, so that projections and suggestions for improvements in the business of its customers can be made in a broad and assertive way.
They are often detailed and comprehensive, an overview of the company’s achievements and key metrics, so the reposts can become a powerful tool to spark your customer’s excitement. 
Fortunately, you can create an attractive business report layout quickly and for free at enDok, just using our pre-diagrammed templates.

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