How to Create Amazing Documents, Engage Your Audience With Attractive Design, and Track Views

enDok has been update. Now everything is even simpler and more intuitive for you to be able to create your shareable Smart DOCs.

Check out these five simple steps to create your customizable proposal:


1. Choose a layout:

EnDok has set aside a variety of customizable and pre-built layouts to be used in your business presentation. With it you can choose the pages as you like the most or the style of your customer.

But beware! The choice of your layout is very important, after all, it will visually demonstrate your brand’s personality to the person who is watching your presentation.


2. Use other visuals:

With new updates from enDok, you can use other visuals in your business presentation.

Therefore, use videos and animations that can quickly and practically illustrate your ideas and proposals that you will present to your client.

With this new feature you can attach your visuals or insert YouTube links.


3. Apply your typography:

Typography is one of the most important items in a business presentation.

After all, it needs to be beautiful, yet readable, your proposal cannot look sloppy or poorly crafted. For this reason, look in our library of typographies for the one that best suits your brand and your client.


4. Share:

After finalizing your visual presentation, use our new sharing features, with a link or QR Code and send your presentation to your client.


5. Monitor your views:

After sharing, don’t forget to use our monitoring dashboard to keep track of who has viewed your work, how long you’ve been online and which page most interested you.


If you haven’t tried the new enDok yet, try it now with 14 days free!


Join us and create smart docs with enDok