Why should my company create an Ebook? 

You’re probably thinking “why would I ever want an ebook? Is it even worth it when I already have a lot of content on my company’s blog?” Well… yes, of course it is. Keep reading and I will tell you why.  


An Ebook can not only incentivize the readers to become a lead to receive more info, but also make the reading process a lot easier for everybody. Also, having all that information in just one file makes the distribution a lot more practical and efficient. 

But how can I create an Ebook? 
Well, now comes the easiest and more practical part of it all: Besides the completely intuitive tools to edit your Ebook, by choosing our platform, you get access to hundreds of standard templates to use. 
Another huge and unique advantage that your company gets is that your ebook will be totally traceable, having access to your smart DOC data through an intuitive panel, where you will be able to see if the ebook was opened, how much time was spent on it and even the lead’s location!
Creating an Ebook on Endok’s platform – 
1 – Choose the key words – 
What is the main subject? 
For the right leads to find your content, it’s important to search for the right and most searched words when somebody is looking for this specific topic. 
2 – Create some topics and make your text more attractive – 
Texts that are purposely made using topics have much more success at keeping the lead interested in reading. 
Also, the effectiveness of a text increases when you expose your target’s problem and present the resolution right after.
3 – Explore and choose pictures that relate to the content – 
As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to an ebook, that’s quite right. So, it’s essential that you search for images that represent the problem and solution of the ebook’s general subject.  
The best choice to begin. 
Unlike the “traditional” eBooks, which are generally terrible to read using phones because of the fixed size of the text, working with the enDok eBook, this problem is completely solved.
That happens due to our responsive Smart Docs, that adapt to the size of every phone screen, making the texts very easy to read and the reading much more pleasant.
Another important feature that you’ll get by using enDok’s eBooks is that a Smart Doc can be totally multimedia and easily play audios, videos, podcasts, forms, buttons, interactive navigation and much more. 
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