3 amazing Online Documents You Can Create Yourself

Endok users often look to us to build their business proposals, portfolios and presentations in a personalized, innovative and shareable way.


But after all, what is the most effective way to assemble these three types of files?

Business proposals:

1. Define the purpose of your proposal:

Remember that a business proposal is not always aimed only at closing a sale. Depending on your client, it might be interesting to get a broader and more strategic view, so study what your goals are with the client and format your presentation accordingly.

2. Know your customer:

To create a successful proposal, you need to know your client in depth. What does the company need? How can your work help solve the problems they have? What do you have to offer that your competition doesn’t already offer?

3. Define the format:

At enDok you will find several templates ready for you to adapt to your client’s style, but before choosing any of them it is important to consider the best format for your presentation.

For this, take into account the objective and the client’s profile, in addition to what makes your presentation easier to understand.


1. Choose your main jobs:

The portfolio should not contain a lot of information and photos of all the work you’ve done. Of course, if you’ve just started, you’ll certainly have a few works to present, but if that’s not the case, select only those projects that you’re most proud of.

2. Don’t forget to introduce yourself:

For a recruiter or a potential client it is important that the quality of the work is verified. However, you will negotiate the service. Therefore, when assembling your portfolio, use a session to introduce yourself. It can be called, for example, “About me”, and contain information about your professional background and qualifications.

3. Use the look:

To stand out from other candidates, build a portfolio that is visually appealing, it’s important that your client get a glimpse of the personality of the person you’re hiring. At enDok you will find several portfolio templates to diagram and stand out.


1. Structure your document:

Always remember that when we put together a presentation, the listener will hardly want to come back to hear you repeat a topic, after all, time is precious, so structure your presentation into very objective topics and sections, with visual aids that emphasize these passages.

2. Know your audience:

Just like to create a proposal you need to know your audience well. Avoid providing information they already have. This can make your presentation tedious, but also make sure you provide a foundation so they don’t get lost in the topic.

3. Know how to put together a good look:
Visual aids in a presentation should be complementary to your speech. They should be essentially visual, and never with large texts. At enDok you will find several templates for you to customize your presentation.
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