Discover 5 optimizations on the enDok website

5 optimizations on the enDok website

At enDok we relentlessly look for optimizations and upgrades that help you have a better smart document experience. Stay on top of the 5 changes and new versions that will make your life easier when it comes to agility and time optimization.

1 -SSO login

Single Sign-On, or SSO, is a form of authentication that connects several sites and services with a single form of registration. Now you can login with your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts safely and transparently.

2 -Organization

Now you can classify your documents with tags, creating, editing and color separating them according to your needs. A good organization of documents provides a better workflow and facilites the monitoring of processes.

3- A productive dashboard

Now our Home Dashboard can be organized by time lime, A-z or by folders. Optimize your time. Use this functionality to make your search agile. There’s nothing worse than wasting time looking for something that should be easy to get. If you already know which file you want to access to perform a task, it is much easier to find it in a previously organized list.

4- Share your documents with QRCode

The QR Code is a basic requirement to make your day to day easier. Use this technology to improve your networking when sharing your documents.

5- Security when sharing

Now you can share documents with password protection to access its content. This is usual to prevent unauthorized distribution of document links. Each time those smart docs are accessed, a password must be entered. enDok has its own password generation system. So, you don’t need to create and save passwords for each document.

Start now using these new features that we made especially to optimize your time.

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