5 unmissable benefits of create smart docs with enDok

In addition to providing solutions to common business problems, smart documents are programmed to help you streamline processes and set priorities.

Stay on top of the resources that we make available in emDOK that help you to reduce the execution time of tasks.

1- Available templates
You can create your own templates or use ready-made templates and save your time. Working with templates brings relevant gains in the quality and agility of your final product.

2- Know tour results
Track views, time on each session, types of reading devices and their location. The enDok platform gives you mechanisms that help those working in the commercial sector.

3- Secure access
Quickly and securely share your documents with a unique password to access each file. Promote greater security in capturing and processing your data.

4- Simultaneous collaboration
With enDok you can also have shared editing mode on your documents. Through this feature, several people can access the document online and contribute to new ideas.

5- Customize your docs
Regardless of the document format you need, all of them can be found on the enDok platform. Table, embedded video, image carousels or background images. Customizing your docs within the branding guidelines is very practical and easy in enDok.

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