About Us


Marcelo is working on sales and generates dozens of proposals and flyers to send to customers, attached on email. Too many time spent on phone calls to check if people read them or not.

Marcelo decides to develop a solution to generate astonishing proposals with tracking features, and digital acceptance. Rafael is joining the team as a developer and UX/UI expert.


The solution is born. Many tests and changes according to testers. Launches final beta with worldwide participants.

Rafael and Marcelo define entreet as company name. Entreet Deal is our first product. A tool to promote an intensive and improved communication through digital document creation and distribution.


Entreet Deal launch.


People are using Entreet Deal for unlimited kinds of docs as flyers, menus, forms, recipes, resumes, tech datasheets, landing pages.... So, “Entreet Deal” becomes “enDok”. Start using enDok today.

Our purpose is to contribute to make people grow through connections. That’s why the logo and brand name carries a tree, one of the most meaningful elements of growth, in nature.


Marcelo Bitter


Relationship and Customer success. Large experience on product definition and launch.

Rafael Badari


App developer and UX/UI. Turns ideas into real world, no matter how crazy this seems to be.