1. Click at the wrench icon  at the bottom of the section that contains the text you want to move.
2. On the popup select

1. At the section you intend do move, click at the wrench icon  at the right side of the section

2. At the Section Settings popup window, click at the arrows on Move Section

To access beta testers video intro V.1 click at this link: https://youtu.be/N4Gobi_ks2U

No. A digitally accepted document (marked with the green checkbox on CREATIONS) can't be edited due to compliance issues.

But you can duplicate this document and edit the copy.

To duplicate a document, on CREATIONS, click at the 3 dots button at the top right corner of the document box you want to duplicate. Then select Duplicate and Save.

1. Click on the curved arrow icon at the left of screen
2. Once you have titled your document and saved at least once, the Preview Link is exhibited at the menu 

How to access Preview Link from document editing - https://youtu.be/nxewjMLo5vU

From CREATIONS screen

1. Click on the three dots button at the top right corner of the document you want to access the preview link

2. Select Share and click at the Preview Link

How to access the Preview Link from CREATION screen - https://youtu.be/p9yknDiEwHo

1. Access TEMPLATES screen and choose the template you want. You will be moved to EDIT screen.
2. Click on the curved arrow icon  and name your document as you wish
3. Click on Save

As you finish your document edition, you call save it on My Templates by clicking the Save on My Templates checkbox, bellow the Save button

How to create a document based on a Deal template - https://youtu.be/E02Q8s-JwhQ

1. On the EDIT screen, click on the button you want to customize.
2. Click on the Link Icon at the horizontal bar that shows near the button. A popup window appears
3. On the popup first field delete the "#" and type mailto: followed by your e-mail.
Example: mailto:andrespeppers@bhginc.com
4. Check the Open New Window checkbox

From CREATIONS screen:

1. Click at the three dots button  at the top right corner of the creation you want to rename
2. Select Rename. Change the name as click on SAVE button

How to rename a creation - https://youtu.be/9vrvFavLbFE

To include digital acceptance at your creation:

1. On EDIT screen click on the "+" icon   at the left of screen 
2. At the popup click at MORE button and then select ACCEPTS. Choose the Accept section

How to Include digital acceptance on a creation - https://youtu.be/gA4ONfTIadI

How to identify the font type of a text:

1.Click at the text you want to check the font type

2. Click at the "a" icon, at the horizontal toolbar. The font type will appear at the top of the window.

See vídeo -> https://youtu.be/SvmHc3d8ku0 

How to insert more than one line into the same cell of a table. How to set font size on distinct lines at the same cell.

Video duration: 0'36"